McNew Memorial Lecture

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Funded by a generous endowment from the McNew family of Orange County, California, the annual McNew Memorial Lecture honors the memory of Jamie McNew, a patient with congenital CMV infection. The lecture draws from some of the most talented and innovative researchers from the United States and Canada to present cutting edge research findings relevant to the problem of congenital CMV infection. These include studies in the basic pathogenesis of the virus, studies focused on vaccines and therapies for congenital CMV, and studies of the epidemiology and disease burden caused by CMV. The McNew Memorial Endowed Lectureship to date has featured the following scientists:

2006-07 – Laura Gibson, University of Massachusetts (Worcester) Medical School

2007-08 – Ed Mocarski, Stanford University School of Medicine (currently, Emory University)

2008-09 – Michael McVoy, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical School

2009-10 – Pablo Sanchez, University of Texas/Southwestern University School of Medicine (currently, Ohio State University/Nationwide Children’s Hospital)

2010-11 – Ravit Arav-Boger, Johns Hopkins Medical School (currently, Medical College of Wisconsin)

2011-12 – Adam Geballe, University of Washington Medical School and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

2012-13 – Mark R. Schleiss, University of Minnesota Medical School, Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology

2013-14 – Felicia Goodrum, University of Arizona College of Medicine

2014-15 – Sallie Permar, Duke University School of Medicine (currently, Weill-Cornell School of Medicine)

2015-16 – Albert Park, University of Utah Medical School

2016-17 – Soren Gantt, University of British Columbia Medical School (currently, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire [CHU] Sainte-Justine/Université de Montréal)

2017-18 – Jeremy Kamil, Louisiana State University Medical School

2018-19 – Sheila Dollard, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2019-20 – Emma Mohr, University of Wisconsin (Madison)

2020-21 – Nicolas Suarez, Center for Virus Research at the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, Scotland, UK) and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)